Many pet owners dress their beloved dogs and cats up for the holidays or any daily jaunt.

When seeking festive apparel, they often turn to fur baby pet supplies to fulfill their needs. Online, they can find a wide assortment of cute outfits, hats, and booties to indeed dress their four-legged friend in style.

Using Fur Baby Pet Supplies You Can Dress Your Dog in Style

Holiday pet gear is a big thing. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patrick's Day, and 4th of July are just a few holidays that you might want to dress Fido in his own special upscale outfit to celebrate the occasion. In many cases, dogs simply enjoy wearing outfits everyday, especially during the winter months when layers help keep the pooch warm.

10 Top Designer Dog Apparel Brands

Many people don’t realize that doggy apparel is a ‘thing’ with all of the top brands available at innumerable online sites.

Here are just a few of the biggest brands in designer pet apparel that can be purchased online.

  1. Canine Styles: Canine Styles has emerged as a leading brand in dog apparel. If you regularly log onto Instagram, then you probably see some of the pooches wearing this brand. The dog outfits have taken off in fashion giants like New York City. Canine Styles is considered an urban label that regularly releases two luxe collections each year. The fashions are based on human trends so you and your pooch can order matching outfits.
  2. Rudy Rufus: A British designer pet label, Rudy Rufus offers sweaters and hoodies for dogs. There is even a cashmere collection for very upscale dogs. During the winter months, dogs benefit from Rudy Rufus sweaters which are extra warm and fit well.
  3. Oh, Joy!: The Oh Joy! pet collection line is created by Joy Cho. The apparel is bright and colorful. There are so many cute canine outfits to choose; one of the best is the colorfully striped raincoat that every doggy should own.
  4. Rororiri : The Rororiri brand emerged from San Francisco, CA. The line features lovely bandanas and cardigans that make any dog look cool and trendy.
  5. Barker: Barker is an international brand made in Korea. You can choose from cute denim jackets, bomber jackets, and more. With Barker, your pooch will always look super hip. You can even purchase a tuxedo for your furry buddy.
  6. ED Ellen Degeneres: Ellen Degeneres has created her line of pet clothes that are darling. There are cute bow tie collars and even tee shirts that make your pooch look super cool.
  7. Rororiri: Rororiri is another brand that can trace its roots to San Francisco. The designer offers super cool cardigans and bandanas.
  8. Moshiqa: Moshiqa is a brand that sold predominately out of the UK. Meryem Birsoz heads up the brand which even features custom bathrobes for your four-legged friend.
  9. Ralph Lauren Pets: Even the American brand Ralph Lauren is now making canine clothing such as classic polos for your dog. You can also buy preppy sweaters or a wool vest.
  10. Max-Bone: If you like classic styles on your pooch, then you won’t be disappointed with Max-Bone. They offer darling cable-knit jumpers and tee shirts. Although the designs are simple, they are still trendy enough for people to notice at the dog park.

If you are seeking fur baby pet supplies that are upscale, then you won’t be disappointed with any of the above brands. They will all keep your pup trendy and fashionable throughout the year. .