cat furniture for saleCats and kittens love cat trees and, ultimately, owning one of the carpet bedecked structures can save your furniture from ruin from cat claws. If you are in the market for a feline scratching structure, then you might want to shop online cat supplies to find the perfect design for your kitty.

 Choosing the Best Cat Furniture

Your kitty furniture choices are genuinely diverse. Cat trees come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors to fit any decor.

Here are five things to consider when shopping for a feline furniture from online cat supplies:

  1. Constructions: One of the most critical aspects of a cat tree is the base. The base of the structure must be sturdy enough to keep from tipping when your cat climbs. If the cat tree topples over it can not only hurt your kitty but will also scare the animal. Cats are smart, and if the post starts to wobble or display instability, then your feline will not use the structure. Some cat structures are hollow which makes them lightweight. Solid structures are far more durable than empty.
  2. Size: If the cat is currently only a kitten you might be thinking that a small cat condo will suffice but, remember, your kitty is going to get big. When fully grown cats weigh from 7 to 20 pounds depending on the breed. The kitty condo you purchase should be large enough to accommodate a fully grown feline. When scratching something, a cat likes to extend his whole body in one long, graceful stretch.
  3. Scratching Surfaces: Look closely at the cat trees to see if they have a variety of cat scratching surfaces. Many cat condos have a mixture of carpet and various sisal rope surfaces.  Cats love both vertical and horizontal areas. There should be areas for your feline to lounge, scratch, sit, and snooze. Each of the areas should be on various levels. Ideally, there must also be available space to hang and attach toys for your kitty to enjoy. Some cat condos also have hidden den areas where the cat can hide. All cats love boxes so if the structure has a box-type area most kitties will be in pure heaven.
  4. Catnip: One of the best ways to entice your kitty to try out the new structure is to sprinkle catnip all over the fabric. You will find catnip listed for sale in most online cat supplies. Even a few catnip filled toys are ideal.
  5. Price: A well-made cat tree is not cheap. It will usually cost from $100-$600 or more depending on size, design, and material. However, the higher end the prices tend to be better built structures so you should not skimp on price.

Main Characteristics of a Cat Structure

Overall, here are the main characteristics in a cat structure to look for:

  • Height and sturdiness with a broad base
  • A suitable material for scratching that will last for years
  • Vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Variety of surface materials and coatings for the kitty to enjoy clawing

Shipping on Cat Furniture

Cat structures can be substantial, bulky, and expensive to ship. However, when shopping through online cat supplies, you might be able to locate a site that provides free shipping if you spend a certain amount of dollars. The free shipping can ultimately save you a considerable amount of money so it a perk of shopping online. 

Shopping for feline furniture has never been easier. You can peruse a wide array of online cat supplies to find the perfect item for your furry buddy and your home’s decor. Chances are your cat will love sinking his claws into whatever cat scratching structure you choose.